Seakale (Crambe maritima) is originating from the pebble beaches of Western-Europe. It has been cultivated for many years in France and England. Recently Intellicrops has introduce the culture in Belgium and developed in collaboration with Bruyninckx bvba the cultivation of seakale sprouts. Seakale sprouts are the results of selected propagation material and the forcing on hydroculture of root cuttings.
The result are very tiny sprouts with a mild sweet kale taste.
Both companies aim to trigger the horeca market.

sea kale sprouts



    a term referring to the native flora of saline soils. Halophytes resist concentrations up to 35 g salt/l (sea water)

    saline crops

    a number of halophytic crops with potential as cash crops. The marketing of sea vegetables is one aspect of such a development, but innovation is already ongoing in areas of feed and environmental issues (recirculation systems in aquaculture, phytoremediation)


    the combination of Saline crop Seeds and the appropriate know-how for a successful cultivation. All about this website ...

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    Among the several hundred thousand of plants less than 200 species have been brought into an agricultural practice and about twenty species are predominantly present as world crop (wheat, soya, rice .) More...