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Controlled REcycling of Valuable Elements in Technology for Ecological production of Crustaceans.

Crevetec wants to provide a total solution for ecological (and economic) production of shrimp. This means shrimp will be produced with maximum efficiency of feed and minimum impact on the environment.


Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Dept. Plant Biology and Nature Management
Dept. Algemene plantkunde en natuurbeheer
Conservation Genetics

The genetic diversity and conservation genetics of aquatic and terrestrial plant populations is under study at different spatial scales.


Hogeschool Zeeland


centrum voor duurzaamheid en water

Spring bestaat sinds mei 2003 als het centrum voor duurzaamheid en water en is verbonden aan Hogeschool Zeeland. Spring richt zich op innovatie van onderwijs en het uitvoeren van onderzoek op het gebied van duurzaamheid en water. De onderwerpen van onderzoek zijn water, energie en managementvraagstukken (duurzaam ondernemen). Spring beoogt de kennis en ervaring binnen Hogeschool Zeeland te bundelen, uit te bouwen en in te zetten zowel voor organisaties als bedrijven in de regio en daarbuiten. Zo wil Spring fungeren als kennispoort tussen de hogeschool en de regio. Daarnaast zijn communicatie en informatieverschaffing belangrijke taken


Department of Plant Physiology University of Szeged


The ability of plants to adapt to environmental stress conditions is genetically determined, and includes biochemical, molecular biological and physiological components. In our research programs, the crucial factors of plant stress response are studied from the stage of signal perception and transduction to the appearance of accumulative and protective mechanisms of adaptive character.

see: www.sci.u-szeged.hu/plantphys/HTML-files/kutatas/research1.htm

The knowledge of physiological specificities of plant species in a natural habitat and the mechanisms of physiological processes under stress, adaptation and acclimatisation is essential for environmental sciences. Our task is to determine those physiological, biochemical or biophysical mechanisms, which result in adaptation to environmental factors or lead to a decrease in biomass production of the individual or the population.

see: www.sci.u-szeged.hu/plantphys/HTML-files/kutatas/research3.htm


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    Among the several hundred thousand of plants less than 200 species have been brought into an agricultural practice and about twenty species are predominantly present as world crop (wheat, soya, rice .) More...


    a term referring to the native flora of saline soils. Halophytes resist concentrations up to 35 g salt/l (sea water)

    saline crops

    a number of halophytic crops with potential as cash crops. The marketing of sea vegetables is one aspect of such a development, but innovation is already ongoing in areas of feed and environmental issues (recirculation systems in aquaculture, phytoremediation)


    the combination of Saline crop Seeds and the appropriate know-how for a successful cultivation. All about this website ...