Research and Development

Progress comes from the intelligent use of experience. E. Hubbard

plant breeding

Our major concern lies on the selection and breeding of the established saline crops : Salicornia and Aster tripolium lines as well as the new crops under investigation.

Aster veld NL

Aster tripolium : selection trials

new crop development

New crops have been established and are waiting for up scaling or are still under investigation : Salsola, Crithmum, Beta maritima, Spergularia, Crambe ...

New crops

sea beet - sea kale - sea fennel

new product development

For a specific crop different appliations can be developed. For instance Sea kale selections lines are developed for outdoors cultivation. Special lines are developed for indoor forcing resulting in a different product : sea kale sprouts

seakale sprouts


Different applications in "animal feed" , "environmental issues" or "cosmetics" are considered.


Several types of cultivation technologies have been built up for open soil cultures and greenhouse cultures.

Saline Phytotox kit

Intellicrops bvba and Microbiotests bvba are researching the use of Saline Seeds for the development of a phytotoxicological test of saline soils. The research program is supported by a grant of IWT


Cultures were established in natural saline soils or artificial systems (hydroponics) Automation in harvesting sea vegetables has been setup.


    Our company

    Among the several hundred thousand of plants less than 200 species have been brought into an agricultural practice and about twenty species are predominantly present as world crop (wheat, soya, rice .) More...


    a term referring to the native flora of saline soils. Halophytes resist concentrations up to 35 g salt/l (sea water)

    saline crops

    a number of halophytic crops with potential as cash crops. The marketing of sea vegetables is one aspect of such a development, but innovation is already ongoing in areas of feed and environmental issues (recirculation systems in aquaculture, phytoremediation)


    the combination of Saline crop Seeds and the appropriate know-how for a successful cultivation. All about this website ...

    putting halophytes to work

    an EU Cost action (FA0901).
    Putting Halophytes to Work - From Genes to Ecosystems.

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