Salsola (Oka Hijiki)

Salsola komarovii is said to be one of the oldest vegetables of Japan and is called Oka Hijiki (the seaweed that grows on land !)

Salsola belongs like Salicornia to the Chenopodiaceae. Salsola (sometimes called Sea Mustard) is a moderate halophyte. It has a very crunchy texture and need to be slightly saline for a pleasant taste.

Salsola is used in the traditional Japanese cuisine but fresh Salsola fits evenly well with young soft salted herring (dutch: maatjes)


Salsola (Agretti - Italian salicornia)Salsola soda is known as the Italian salicornia. The crop is more robust and the leaves are more succulent than Salsola komarovii. In volume it is twice as big as Salsola komarovii.

The best way to cook is stir frying



    a term referring to the native flora of saline soils. Halophytes resist concentrations up to 35 g salt/l (sea water)

    saline crops

    a number of halophytic crops with potential as cash crops. The marketing of sea vegetables is one aspect of such a development, but innovation is already ongoing in areas of feed and environmental issues (recirculation systems in aquaculture, phytoremediation)


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